A plant product of known property of nitrification inhibition. Phytonim 1% direct coating / incorporation on to nitrogenous fertilizers like Urea leads to drastic improvement in ‘ Nitrogen – use efficiency ‘ by almost 30% to 40% in wet -land cropping system like Sugarcane, Paddy and Banana.

Phytonim is a product obtained through cold process, triple refined, containing very high concentration of ” Neem Terpenoids ” in their natural forms, to provide outstanding performance.

Phytonim ensures maximum availability of nitrogen in the Urea in a steady manner to suit the Crop requirements without giving scope for the loss of valuable nutrient – Nitrogen.

Phytonim enables the farmers to get the full money’s worth from Urea Bag to the Crop.

Phytonim with Urea means more yields, more income.

Phytonim with Urea means no wastage and uniform application of Urea over the entire crop field.

Phytonim gives additional protection against soil borne pests like nematodes.

Phytronim is need based and convenient to use economic package.