Neem based insect antifedant, effective against a wide range of insect pests, when applied solely or in combination with recommended insecticides.

Phytotron has developed a new technology for extraction of Neem antifedant include Azadirachtin and for formulation of this extract with specified and stabilised Azdirachtin which is a unique feature.

The formulation Nimitron contains minimum neem antifedant stabilised using triple refined cold process, which can be assayed by the HPLC method. Nimitron contains special surfactants for easy application in the form of emulsified spray.

Nimitron is effective against a variety of sucking and leaf feeding insects such as Bemisla tabaci ( White Flies ) Spodoptera litura ( Tobacco caterpillar ). Heliothis armigera, Earias ( Boll Worm ) Tetranychus cinnabarinus ( Mites ) etc.