Sustained Release Granular Formulation

A specially designed Phytotron’s Sustained Release Granules – Tailor made for application and use in a large spectrum of crops from cereals like paddy and corn, plantations of Sugarcane and Banana, to spices, fruits, and vegetables.

First known product in the category devoid of any Phytotoxicity, guaranteed performance on improvement in recovery percentage of sugar and proven at leading Research Stations and Sugar Mills.

PSR Benefits

1. PSR improves cane yields by 11-12 MT. Per hectare.

2. PSR improves cane quality in terms of

(a) Improving the cane quality like Brix & Pol.

(b) Does not allow sugar deterioration and recovery drop, upon cane maturity thus allowing on extended cane harvesting post cane maturity period.

3. Improves recovery percentage by 0.4 –0.7

PSR Cost benefit Ratio

Minimum cost benefit ratio is 1:5 depending upon variety,time of application and agronomic practices.

PSR Research Trials

PSR has been tested at a number of research stations which include

(1) TNAU Madurai campus, Tamil Nadu

(2) VIS, Pune, Maharashtra.

(3) IISR, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

(4) UAS, Bangalore Mandya campus, Karnataka.

PSR Big Mill Test Result

PSR has been tried and used at number of sugar mills in the country which include

(a) Tamil Nadu – Aruna Sugars, Pennadam. E.I.D. Parry, Nellikuppam.

(b) Maharashtra – Shree Tatyasaheb kore warna SSK Ltd., Kolhapur. Rajarambapu Patil SSK Ltd. Sangli. Bhima SSK Ltd., Sholapur. Siddeshwar SSK Ltd., Sholapur. Sangamner Bhag SSK Ltd., Ahmednagar

(c) Gujarat – Shree sayan vibhag SSK Ltd., Surat.

(d) Madya Pradesh – The malwa SSK Ltd., Indore.

(e) Uttar Pradesh – The Dhampur Sugar Mills, Dhampur. The Simbaoli Sugar Ltd., Simbaoli

Technical Information

Liquid Formulation

Composition : PSR ( 85% EC ) contains
Active ingredients Dinitrosocifrol : 85%
Other ingredients Aeurophos Safener 15%
Emulsifying agents

Other name : Plant growth regulator

Action : Enhanced recoverable sucrose build up.

Other benefits : Improvement in dry matter yield
Improved plant resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases.
Improvement in ‘ top feed ‘ quality.

Toxicity Non toxic. For Agricultural Use Only.
Safe for aerial, manual or machine operated foliar sprays when used as per the prescribed dilution

LD 50 data of PSR for mice and rat = 7245 mg / kg.
LD 50 data of PSR for fish = 600 mg / L.

Storage and Shelf life of liquid concentrate indefinite when stored at temperature upto 40 Degree
Handling Centigrade Mix. No special clothing needed.

Formulation Concentrate of 85% of EC easily miscible in water.

Rate of 1KG PSR liquid concentrate per acre OR 2.5 KG PSR liquid concentrate per hectare.

Rate Of 1KG PSR liquid concentrate to be diluted in 17 liters of water thus making 18 liters of PSR
Dilution spray sufficient for ONE ACRE.

Method Of Aerial spraying of diluted PSR spray solution using a helicopter set to deliver 18 Liters / 4 UK
Application gallons per acre or 45 liters / 9.9 UK gallons per hectare. Shake the container well before

Time Of A single aerial spray 6 to 12 weeks before harvest. The plant metabolic stimulus may how
Application ever last upto 120 days depending on the variety, growth and agroclimate.

Granular Formulation

Composition : PSR ( 15% Granulated ) contains
Active ingredients Dinitrosocifrol 15%
Other ingredients Aeurophos ( Safener ) 85%
Emulsifying agents

Dosage : 10 Kg. per acre
Time of
Application : Basal application at the time of final earthingup.

State-wise average recovery of cane 1999 - 2000

Warana SSK Ltd.
Warananagar, Kolhapur District

Purna SSK Ltd.
Basmath Nagar
Parbhari District

The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd.
Ugar Khurd District

Date : 31 / 12 / 99 & 01 / 01 / 2001

The Malwa Sahakari Shakkar Karkhana Ltd.
Barlai ( Kshipra ) Indore District
Madhya Pradesh.